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File:A20791812c29940527520 m 72846.1418668705.1280.1280.jpgFile:Arcade - Rally-XNew Rally-X - General Sprites.pngFile:Arcade Faster Harder More Challenging Q*bert (1983 Mylstar)
File:Arcade Game Ali Baba and 40 Thievesm (1982 Sega)File:Arcade Game Alpine Ski (1982 Taito)File:Arcade Game Battle Zone (1980 Atari) Re-Uploaded
File:Arcade Game Berzerk (1980 Stern)File:Arcade Game Blue Print (1982 Zilec Electronics Bally Midway)File:Arcade Game Bosconian - Star Destroyer (1981 Namco)
File:Arcade Game Bristles (1983 Exidy First Star)File:Arcade Game Bubbles (1982 Williams)File:Arcade Game Burger Time (1982 Data East)
File:Arcade Game Burger Time (1982 Data East) (DECO Version)File:Arcade Game Burnin Rubber (1982 Data East)File:Arcade Game Changes (1982 Orca)
File:Arcade Game Congo Bongo (1983 Sega)File:Arcade Game Crazy Climber (1980 Nichibutsu) ReuploadedFile:Arcade Game Crazy Kong (1981 Falcon?)
File:Arcade Game Devil Fish (1982 Artic)File:Arcade Game Dig Dug (1982 Namco)File:Arcade Game Discs of Tron (1983 Midway Walt Disney Co.)
File:Arcade Game Dock Man (1982 Taito)File:Arcade Game Domino Man (1982 Midway)File:Arcade Game Donkey Kong (1981 Nintendo)
File:Arcade Game Donkey Kong Junior (1982 Nintendo)File:Arcade Game Elevator Action (1983 Taito)File:Arcade Game Exerion (1983 Jaleco)
File:Arcade Game Fly-Boy (1982 Kaneko)File:Arcade Game Frogger (1981 Konami)File:Arcade Game Galaga (1981 Namco)
File:Arcade Game GhostMuncher (1981 Leisure and Allied)File:Arcade Game Gridlee (1982 Videa)File:Arcade Game Gyruss (1983 Konami)
File:Arcade Game Hard Hat (1982 Exidy)File:Arcade Game Heart Attack (1983 Century Electronics)File:Arcade Game Joust (1982 Williams)
File:Arcade Game Jr. Pac-man (1983 Midway)File:Arcade Game Kong (1981? Taito do Brasil)File:Arcade Game Lupin 3 (1980 Taito)
File:Arcade Game Mappy (1983 Namco)File:Arcade Game Minky Monkey (1982 Technos Japan Roller Tron)File:Arcade Game Mission X (1982 Data East Corporation)
File:Arcade Game Monster Bash (1982 Sega)File:Arcade Game Moon Patrol (1982 Irem)File:Arcade Game Ms. Pac-Man (1981 Midway)
File:Arcade Game New Rally X (1981 Namco)File:Arcade Game Pac-Man (1980 Namco (Midway License for US release))File:Arcade Game Pac-Man Plus (1982 Namco (Midway license))
File:Arcade Game Pac 'N Pal Pac-Man & Chomp Chomp (1983 Namco)File:Arcade Game Pengo (1982 Sega)File:Arcade Game Phozon (1983 Namco)
File:Arcade Game Pole Position (1982 Namco Atari)File:Arcade Game Pole Position II (1983 Namco Atari)File:Arcade Game Ponpoko (1982 Sigma Enterprises Inc.)
File:Arcade Game Popeye (1982 Nintendo)File:Arcade Game Pro Tennis (1982 Data East)File:Arcade Game Professor Pac-Man (1983 Midway)
File:Arcade Game Q*bert's Qubes (1983 Mylstar)File:Arcade Game Q*bert (1982 Gottlieb)File:Arcade Game Quantum (1982 Atari) Re-Uploaded
File:Arcade Game Rally X (1980 Namco)File:Arcade Game Rescue (1982 Stern Electronics)File:Arcade Game Robotron 2084 (1982 Williams)
File:Arcade Game Sinistar (1982 Williams)File:Arcade Game Star Trek (1982 Sega)File:Arcade Game Super Pac-Man (1982 Namco)
File:Arcade Game Tac scan (1982 Sega)File:Arcade Game Tapper Root Beer Tapper (1983 Midway)File:Arcade Game Tennis (1982 Data East)
File:Arcade Game The Empire Strikes Back (1985 Atari)File:Arcade Game Tron (1982 Midway Walt Disney Co.)File:Arcade Game Turtles (1981 Konami (Stern license))
File:Arcade Game Uncle Poo (1983 Diatec)File:Arcade Game Water Ski (1983 Taito)File:Arcade Game Wild Western (1982 Taito)
File:Arcade Game Xevious (1982 Namco)File:Arcade Game Zaxxon and Super Zaxxon (1982 Sega)File:Arcade Game Zig Zag (1982 LAX)
File:Arcade Game Zzyzzyxx (1982 Cinematronics)File:Badge-1-0.pngFile:Badge-1-1.png
File:Badge-welcome.pngFile:BoxArt.jpgFile:Buckner & Garcia Pac-Man Fever (1982) (Full Album)
File:Cabinet3.pngFile:Communitylogo.pngFile:Cube Quest (1983 Simutrek)
File:DOS Game Crossfire (1982 Sierra On-Line)File:Dig Dug (Namco Jakks Plug n Play) Game PlayFile:Doki doki panic.jpg
File:Download (2).jpgFile:Download (3).jpgFile:Download (7).jpg
File:Example.jpgFile:Favicon.icoFile:GALAX (LBP VITA)
File:Galaxy Ranger (1983 Sega (Midway License))File:Harveyc1.pngFile:Images.png
File:Images (2).jpgFile:KEKO DJ - RALLY-X REMIX 2004File:MAME World Record Rally X 195,430
File:MSX GAME ◀ PAC-MAN パックマン▶ Stage 1 ~ 11File:MSX GAME ◀ Rally-X ラリーX ▶ PLAYFile:Mappy left.jpg
File:Mario move.gifFile:Ms.PacmanArcadeMachine.jpgFile:Ms. Pac-Man (Namco Jakks Plug n Play) Game Play
File:MsPac mini (caberet).jpgFile:Mspacman.gifFile:Mspacman.png
File:NES Game Baseball (1983 Nintendo)File:NES Game Duck Hunt (1984 Nintendo)File:NES Game Pinball (1983 Nintendo)
File:NES Game Super Mario Bros. (1985 Nintendo)File:NES Game Tennis (1983 Nintendo).File:New Rally X Theme (1 Hour)
File:Pac'N-Jump - Dig Dug (remix) (Extended)File:Pac'N-Jump - Rally-X (remix) (Extended)File:Pac-Man (Namco Jakks Plug n Play) Game Play
File:Pac-Man Fever Buckner & Garcia Track 1 Do The Donkey KongFile:Pac-Man Fever Buckner & Garcia Track 3 Going BerzerkFile:Pac-Man Fever Buckner & Garcia Track 4 Hyperspace
File:Pac-Man Fever Buckner & Garcia Track 5 MousetrapFile:Pac-Man Fever Buckner & Garcia Track 6 Ode to a CentipedeFile:Pac-Man Fever Buckner & Garcia Track 7 Pac-Man Fever
File:Pac-Man Fever Buckner & Garcia Track 8 The DefenderFile:Pac-man.pngFile:Pac1.png
File:Pac1@2x.pngFile:Pac Man FeverFile:Pac Man Fever Buckner & Garcia Track 2 Froggy's Lament
File:Pac man plus logo by ringostarr39-d7uew9v.pngFile:Pacman animation.gifFile:Pole Position (Namco Jakks Plug n Play) Game Play
File:Rally-X.jpgFile:Rally-x (Namco Jakks Plug n Play) Game PlayFile:RallyXGameplay.png
File:Rally X - 1980 - Namco.jpgFile:Rally X Map1.gifFile:Rallyx.png
File:SMBBoxart.pngFile:SMB Special.jpgFile:SMLTitle.png
File:Smb12@2x.pngFile:Super Pac Man Arcade Machine.jpgFile:Tetris.png
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