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Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is an arcade game released in 1981 by Nintendo.


Players play as a carpenter named Jumpman, who has neglected his titular pet gorilla, Donkey Kong. The ape decides to kidnap Jumpman's girlfriend, Pauline, and climb up a construction site with her. The goal is to save Pauline by running, jumping, and climbing up scaffolding to reach her.


Donkey Kong throws barrels down the structure, which Jumpman can jump over with the right timing. He can also avoid the barrels by climbing up ladders, or by smashing them while powered-up with a hammer. Jumpman can also collect items Pauline dropped, such as a parasol, which will reward points.


Donkey Kong has been on a various of formats, including one of Nintendos main home console at the time, The Nintendo Entertainment System.


  • This was the first game Shigeru Miyamoto designed, though he did so with help from company president Hiroshi Yamauchi.